Guided Safaris

Wilpattu Safari Holidays

Wilpattu Safari Holidays is a professional Tour Operator dedicated to presenting the best wildlife experiences in Sri Lanka. Our team comprises of dedicated professionals with vast experience in hospitality and tour operations focused primarily in promoting the fascinating wildlife of Sri Lanka. Every package we offer is complied, planned and executed by wildlife veterans after having experienced it themselves. This ensures that visitors get the cream of the offering and certainly one of the best ever wildlife safari experiences. On request we are able to customize the packages to suit visitor’s expectations. Our objective is to give visitors the finest wildlife experiences under tented luxury, guided by a reputed naturalist; a truly exhilarating, knowledge filled and enjoyable experience.

Dedicated to Conservation
We at Wilpattu Safaris are wildlife lovers. We live, breath and relate with the environment in every decision we make; in fact our organizational policies supports and encourages us to live in harmony with nature and the natural world. Thus we are dedicated to conservation and abide by the three R’s of the environment – Reduce, Reuse and Recycle with the intention that protecting, preserving and saving the world and its wildlife. Most importantly we offer a percentage of the profits to the Wilpattu National Park to be used in its wildlife conservation efforts.