Naturalist lead Wilpattu Safaris

Expertly guided Wilpattu safaris

with full bespoke Guides and off-the-beaten path Game Drives
While on your Wilpattu Safari be accompanied by one of Sri Lanka’s finest Naturalist /Photographer who comes with vast knowledge and experience of the wilds of Sri Lanka. This “human wildlife encyclopedia” is waiting to share his expertise and experiences with you while accompanying you on a safari tour. Being accompanied by him would mean visitors get a deep understanding of the flora and fauna, see and experience everything personally, indulge in professional sightings and photography shoots and most importantly be at the right place at the right time. He will tell you by name the Gentle Giants that roam the Park or identify the bird by its call. Without doubt you will return back to camp a fully fledged naturalist yourself! By night be ready for some interesting stories and experiences he would share with you while enjoying a cool beer or a sumptuous BBQ by the roaring campfire. It’s time to discuss, compare notes, facts and data and share some laughter too before the next safari begins.
What you’ll enjoy...
  • Service of an expert naturalist
  • Purpose built/modified Safari Jeeps
  • Refreshments during the safaris
  • Luxury tented accommodation

Tailor Made Luxury Safari

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Speak to our Wilpattu safari specialist to tailor your own adventure in Wilpattu

1 Night Tented Safari Camping experience

One whole day exploring the wilds and one exciting night under the stars, it’s probably going to be one of the most unforgettable moments in your life!
From 410 USD per person

2 Nights Tented Safari Camping experience

Three incredible days of meeting up with Mother Nature and her folks, after spending two daring nights in the wilds. Exciting moments not to be missed!
From 800 USD per person

3 Nights Tented Safari Camping experience

Four glorious days and three amazing nights spent by the ‘land of the lakes’ (Wil-pattu). Be treated to some of the finest natural wonders and take back glorious memories.
From 1200 USD per person

4 Nights Tented Safari Camping experience

Four nights and five days that will make you fall in love…with Mother Nature. The experiences promise to be so good; you’ll probably want to stay on and on!
From 1600 USD per person