Wilpattu Safari Camp

It’s your abode in the wilds. Be pampered with every luxurious comfort that befits a star class setting. Be one with nature as you wake up to the call of the wilds. Indulge in fresh wholesome meals prepared in the jungle kitchen. Experience a true wildlife safari led by a renowned naturalist who will ensure you have a truly fulfilling, educative and enjoyable expedition. Return to cool dip in the nearby lake and a chilled beer on the open verandah. Call it a day after a scrumptious BBQ dinner by the glowing campfire. It’s your ideal wilderness vacation, an unforgettable adventure of a lifetime!!

Camp Setting

The campsite is situated on the border of the Wilpattu National Park, just 5 minutes away from the park, making it ideally suited for an early morning safari before the crowds come in. Being so close to the park lets you enjoy the jungle experience even from the privacy of your tent; it’s as good as staying inside the park itself. The luxury tented safari camp includes spacious tents with actual beds, soft pillows, freshly laundered linen, en-suite bathrooms with toilet and shower, running water, solar powered lamps; ensuing a luxurious environment and a cozy ambience.

Dining Experience

The food at the campsite is awesome. The camp kitchen is kept busy preparing tantalizing Sri Lankan meals using fresh home grown vegetables, meat, poultry and eggs, thus ensuring every meal is freshly prepared and served new. Indulge in a fresh fruit platter; quench your thirst with fresh fruit juice or a hot cup of tea/coffee. Get ready for some excitement around the roaring campfire when tantalizing BBQ gets going accompanied by a singsong, hurricane lanterns and copra lamps. If you intend travelling out then picnic meals/snacks too can be arranged.

Living in Tents

If you are bored stiff of spending your vacation within the four walls of your hotel room then do it different this time. Live under canvas surrounded by the goodness of nature, relate with the sounds of the bird calls and animal chatter, breath fresh air, be inspired by mother nature, relax on the easy chairs found in verandah or just let your body, mind and soul unwind as never before; all this in the comfort, luxury and security of a true jungle camping environment.

Naturalist Lead Safaris

It’s not just another safari in the wilds, it’s a professional safari tour led by a renowned naturalist with years of experience in the wilds of Sri Lanka. Every moment you spend with him would be like reading through the pages of a wildlife encyclopedia, only this time in reality. Benefit from his firsthand expertise and knowledge, understand, learn and experience the wildlife of Sri Lanka from a real professional wildlife specialist!

Our People

They are a specialized breed. Friendly, caring, vigilant and personalized in their service. Our people our professionals with years of experience in the hospitality industry who understand and respect guest’s privacy at all times. They are always at hand ready to oblige and ever willing to go that extra mile for their guests. Most importantly they too love the environment and the wilds and not surprising if they relate some interesting experiences and stories too.

In the warm glow of the lantern light, the campsite is all ready for an enjoyable evening in the wilds!